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The type of global leadership described in the five principles of this book is effective in any organization. The context changes, but how you manage the context and complexities will determine the effectiveness of your leadership. Working with global organizations, I see many obstacles to being a successful global leader, such as organizational development, strategic planning, and effective communication.

From over 17 years of consulting experience in the US and international markets, Jay has gained valuable insights on strategy development, management challenges and practices, and leadership development. Jay founded Sun Consulting Services and managed the offices in the U.S. and Hong Kong. Under Jay’s leadership, Sun Consulting was able to be a pioneer in China for the consulting industry by working with state-owned oil/gas company and a large publically traded Technology Company. Jay has developed a network of global partners in Asia, Africa, Europe, India, and the Middle East for Sun Consulting Services. He also opened the SCS office in Hong Kong.

B. Jay Clark, Ph. D.

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